Accepting updates over HTTP


I’m just starting with openhab 2 and I have a system that can send me updates of measurements (e.g. Temperatures) over http. I’d like to get those integrated into my openhab system

Is there a way to have an http server that can accept post or get requests, that can parse the parameters and use them to update items?

Sorry if this is a trivial question but I haven’t been able to fund much more information


I just saw that the documentation of the REST API is gone with the move from Wiki to


and install the “restdocs” addon. Exploring the REST API will give you examples for the specific calls you need to make.

The REST API will help you, but after some time I am sure you will switch over to MQTT

Thanks I saw the REST API but I got the impression that it was for openhab to request information rather than accept calls

Would MQTT also have http endpoints that the sensors can call?


No, the REST API also allows updates to items. Previous versions of my sensor bindings used direct HTTP calls to push data into openHAB. Unfortunately, all my examples are long gone now as I switched all my systems to MQTT. I’ll check my backups, maybe I can find something there.

MQTT is a fully different protocol. A quick search leads me to this:

I might even have a look at this for a different project I have in mind.