Access https secured openhab2 from Node Red

Hello all,

i have configured my openhab2 to Access the admin Interface, Basic UI etc. only via HTTPS. Therefore i have installed the NGINX Webserver and use it as Reverse Proxy to send every call to the 443 Port. Additionally i have Password protect the Interface with .htaccess . htpasswd file…
Everytime i navigate to the URL of my openhab, i have to enter now my credentials and the i will be Redirect to the https.

Now, i have installed Node Red from the openhabian-config tool and have installed the openhab2 extension to Access my openhab items. But the https Connection to openhab is not working.

Then i have secured Node Red by Using also https and have also Password protect the Admin Interface. Then, it it not possibile anymore, to Access to openhab2 via http nor with https.

Did anybody of you made similar experiences? Or do you know, what i do wrong?

My workaround at the moment is, openhab is on HTTPS, but Node Red is on HTTP, and access to Openhab2 from Node Red via HTTP.

Any ideas?

Thx and regards

And what is wrong with that? You are staying internal on localhost

Because i cannot access openhab via http from a ssl secured node red… It is not working for me… So i have to leave Node Red unsecured… :frowning:

But as I said node-red is running on the PI, openhab is running in the PI.
Communication is through localhost ie. internally
There is no need for HTTPs
There is no need to secure it


yes you are right. For the internal communication it would be ok. But accessing the webinterface unsecured is a no-go for me… :wink: Even if it is my own Network…

And for me the communication via http from a https secured Node Red Intance to a https secured openhab2 Intance is Not working via a http connection node… That is my problem…

But thaks for the help,