Access OH3 semantic metadata by DSL rules

Does anybody know how I can get the name of location (OH3 model) based on an item (triggeringItem)?

I can filter the equipment’s name by string expressions (which I regard as ugly - if someone knows how to get it by isPointOf I’d be happy to know) and was hoping to get the location name the same way I get it in MainUI:

However, this does not work.
Does anybody knows a way?

The model consists of Groups and Items with tags. That it. There is no separate model. To get the parent Equipment or Location you’ll have to go through all the groups the item belongs to looking for the one with a semantic tag.

There is no isPointOf on Items or in Rules DSL.

Because no one has implement it. The model is relatively new and the only things that user it are MainUI and HABot.

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many thanks for your answer, Rich, which I was somehow expecting.

You may be interested in brand new features

good catch! excellent. many thanks forpointing that out.
These additions are really great. looking forward to it.