Access to gpio from Docker container using GPIO binding


I’m running OpenHAB2 with gpio binding (binding-gpio - 1.9.0) inside a Docker container on a RPi3.

The issue is that when creating gpio items, there is no access to create those item

[ERROR] [ab.binding.gpio.internal.GPIOBinding] - Error occured while creating backend object for item BUZZER, exception: /sys/class/gpio/export: Read-only file system

By default for security reason Docker mounts sys as ro, even when the container is run as privileged.
Of course, a way is to extend the standard OpenHAB2 image and add wiringPi, as that for sure works (saw in other examples), then create a script and use the exec binding to trigger the pin.

I’m curious if there is any other out-of-the-box way, before extending the standard image.