Access to karaf with putty after update 2.4 => 2.5 no longer possible

Openhab2.5 is installed on Debian.
Since the update I cannot connect to the karaf console with PuTTY anymore. I get the message

PuTTY Fatal Error
Network error: Software caused connection abort

The port binding is allowed for all IPs.
From the same remote host I can connect to the karaf console via SSH console, but not with PuTTY

But I would prefer PuTTY.
Does anyone have an idea what this is all about?


This is what you try to do ?
computer A: via ssh => to computer B karaf console
computer A: via ssh putty => to computer B karaf console

I just did a trial and I am able to connect to OH from my notebook using either ssh or putty.

Access to Karaf is not possible without a password due to upstream changes in Karaf.

The default password is habopen

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, that’s what I do:
Computer A => SSH => Computer B karaf console: did work before and work now
Computer A => PuTTY SSH => Computer B karaf console: did work before but since then update no connection can be established

Do you use a password to connect or do you use public, private keys ?
As both use ssh protocol I would expect that both work.

In putty there is a tab to define logging. Can you enable logging this may help to find the root cause.

Thank you Bruce.
Usually the network connection is established before the access data is requested.
But in my case is no TCP connection established at all.

I run into the same problem. There is a log message regarding cipher. This means you need a newer version of putty because older versions do not support the needed cipher to access ssh.


This does the magic.
Thank you very much.