Accessing local addresses from external location

I’m having trouble accessing my 3 cameras when using Openhab 2 and HABpanel from an external location. I can view all cameras using the Basic UI but not from HABpanel. It works OK when on he local network at home.

For the UI in the sitmap I have:

Image url=""

For the custom widget in HABpanel I have:

<img src ="" ></img>

I have port forwarding set for one of my cameras and if I change the above to use the external internet address it works, but I don’t particularly want to have external access to all my cameras other than through Openhab.

<img src ="myipaddress:8081/image" ></img>

Is there a way of using the local address in HABpanel similar to the way it works for the Basic UI?

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Images in openHAB’s sitemaps are served through openHAB using a proxy URL like /proxy?sitemap=default.sitemap&widgetId=.... HABPanel can’t do the same because it doesn’t use sitemaps. A workaround and temporary solution could be to retrieve this proxy URL in Basic URI (which by the way could change if you alter the sitemap), and use that in HABPanel.

In short, HABPanel isn’t designed for non-local access right now (but with openHAB Cloud now out there, that’s likely to change some day).


Many thanks, that works well.

Any updates on when will HABpanel supports Remote monitoring ?

I’m working on changes to the proxy servlet that would allow it to be used by non-sitemap-based UIs, with the additional configuration of a whitelist to permit specific hosts:ports to be proxied. Step 1 is this PR:



Since your work is merged, is it possible to access Habpanel from Remote URL ?


Thanks for working on this. I’ll be interested in using the proxy servlet to access some local URLS in HABPanel, is there more work to do before this is ready?

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are there any news for this feature? I would also be highly interested in using Habpanel remotely including showing my Grafana charts.