Accessing OH3 files on QNAP TS-453D

System: QNAP TS-453D
Version: openHAB 3.4.2

I want to move the config files to a non-hidden directory on my NAS. Is there a configuration setting to point OH3 to use a different directory?

I have used OH2 before on a now defunct Mac Mini and am doing a new install/setup on my QNAP NAS. I used the qpkg from to install OH3.

It took a while using SSH to figure out where it put the installation. It turns out it’s hidden in


My problem is that this location is hidden from both FileStation on QNAP and my Mac finder when I mount the NAS. I like to backup my entire OH configuration directory structure off the device after making changes. With the directories/files hidden, it makes dragging/dropping not possible. I also like to edit user files on my Mac and upload to the OH target. Using Mac finder is convenient for opening these files as well.

Okay, I solved my own issue (in a different way than the original ask).

I created a shared folder on the NAS called OpenHab3 (call it whatever you like). Then edit the properties of the shared folder with FileStation. There is a selector for Path that allows you to assign the path of the share to the .qpkg/OpenHab3 folder. This makes the OpenHab3 folder visible to both FileStation and to machines that mount to the NAS.