Accessing public NetAtmo data with OpenHAB 1.7.1


I am trying to access the public data of some NetAtmo devices, but I get a “device not found” error. The StartCom CA has been added successully, the access token is granted. The item looks like this:

Number Netatmo_temperature "Temperatur [%.0f °C]" (NetAtmo) {netatmo="70:ee:50:02:xx:yy#02:00:00:02:yy:zz#temperature"}

Device-ID and Module-ID were retrieved by
curl -d "access_token=myaccesstoken&" ""

This delivers a long list of public devices with their public measurement data and exact location. Does the binding support getpublicdata? Or do I have to create a script to get the station data?

Any hints?

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As far as I remember this API call is not implémentés in v1 of thé binding. Neither in currrent v2.

I agree with @glhopital, the public api’s are not implemented in OH1

Are there any news, if the public api is supportet in the current OH2 binding (v2.1)?