Action while releasing button on overview page

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: PI 4 4GB
    • openHAB version: 3.4.0 buildString: “Build #2975

On normal panel views from Siemens or AllenBradley etc. for communication to pls you can address a trigger action to a panel bush button when it’s been pressed and/or it’s been released.
In openhab action can only be triggered when pressing the button. Is there any way to get a trigger when the button is been released?
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I just checked, that the reaction of a push button depends on the time you stay on the button.
If you stay more than 1 sec. on the button, there will be no reaction. With less time (<1s) reaction starts with the falling edge.
Therefore I think I have no chance with my project, but maybe someone knows more.

There is no such built-in functionality.

This is based on a somewhat new addition where some of the UI component support click vs right click (desktop) or press vs long-press (mobile) separate actions.

The f7 components that these UI components are built on do have events for press and release, so it is possible to construct a component that functions the way you describe. You can try an enhancement request in github or even take a shot at your own PR.