Actionable OpenHab notifications on Apple Watch with Pushcut

Hello fellow OpenHab automators,

The latest Pushcut version comes with Apple Watch support and custom web requests as actions type.

That means you can craft perfect little home automation interactions - custom-tailored to your needs - and set OpenHab items directly through the REST service.

I am really happy with how the notifications feel on the watch and hope you will like it to.

Let me know what you think, any feedback is welcome ; )

Note: Some of these features require a subscription.
Please make use of the 2-week free trial to see if you find value in Pushcut before you pay anything.


This is awesome !
I have downloaded the app and will play around with it. Any chance you will create one for Android ? (same house, different phones :wink: )


an Android version is not really planned at the moment, but never say never…

I would love to see an android version as as far as i know there is no real alternative for actionable notifications :frowning:

if an experienced Android developer reads this that would be interested in collaborating - feel free to reach out.

otherwise, I do not see this on the horizon any time soon … : (