Activating netatmo relay through openhab


I have now a Secure SCS317 programmable thermostat that activates my boiler with a Secure SCS303. In my radiators I have Danfoss LC13 thermostats. With openhab I configure all the LC13 thermostats with the programmed temperature. All of them are zwave devices.

I would like now to add a second thermostat to create two different programs for my home. My idea is to have LC13s at the ground floor integrated with a thermostat (with a program) and the ones at first floor with the other thermostat (with a different program). With this configuration I need to switch on the boiler when one of the thermostats ask for it; and to switch it off when no one request it.

I’m considering to buy a netatmo thermostat (or maybe a nest) as the second thermostat. I don’t discard buying a second netatmo in the future (I think you could use more than one netatmo with the same netatmo relay), but at this time I don’t want to, and I would like to use my current SCS317 and the netatmo.

So my question is somebody knows if I could switch on/off the netatmo relay with openhab, independently of what the netatmo thermostat orders (so I could switch on the boiler when the SCS317 requests it).

And another question, could I read the programmed temperature at netatmo thermostat so I could configure it at the related LC13s?

Thank you.