Active Heating / Cooling Thermostats

With mios binding thermostats would ModeState would be a string that would be “Heating” or “Cooling”. That let me create a group that showed current Heating / Cooling thermostats with the following:

Group:String:OR(Heating, Idle)          Heating         "Active Heating Thermostats [(%d)]"     <heating>       (All)
Group:String:OR(Cooling, Idle)          Cooling         "Active Cooling Thermostats [(%d)]"     <heating>       (All)

However, I have now switched to Z-Wave and ModeState is now a number where 1 = Heating and 2 = Cooling. I am struggling with how to make this work with the new method. I have tried:

Group:Number:OR(1, 0)           Heating         "Active Heating Thermostats [(%d)]"     <heating>       (All)   
Group:Number:OR(2, 0)           Cooling         "Active Cooling Thermostats [(%d)]"     <heating>       (All)

But that does not seam to work.