Add a Name behind a Value like: Wh or Voltag


i added some Tasmota Wlan Sockets and for example a some readings for Total Wh.
As result a get for 0.3 that is the right value but i want to “show it” as 0.3 Wh

How do i do this?
I try to add → Metadata → stateDescription → Patter → %.1f Wh
but when i add this i get only ERR as result.

What type of Item are you working with?

What exactly do you mean with “type of Item” String maybe?
I attach a picture maybe this helps.

Exactly that. Yes, you have chosen a String type Item. You cannot format a string with a decimal formatter like %.1f
You can get the visual effect you seek with %s Wh

But as you can’t do any sums or charting on String type Items, you’re probably better off reading into a Number type Item in the first place, or better yet a Number:Energy type

Thank you :slight_smile: This works perfect. I changed also the Items to Numbers.