Add blinds_control channel to Fakro ARZ2 device

Is it possible to add a blinds_control channel to the Fakro ARZ2 device (thing-type ID ‘ARZ2_01_001’ or label ARZ 1.1 in

At the moment this device has only a ‘switch_dimmer’-channel and no ‘blinds_control’-channel. For my other roller-shutters I use the blinds_control-channel because the Fakro-devices need the invert_percentage-option that is in the blinds_control-channel.

Now I have added this channel by changing the arz2_1_1.xml-file in a local bindings-file of the zwave jar-file and putting that in ‘add-ons’. It works fine for now this way, but I would be great if it is in the original zwave-binding.

That channels defined in the community maintained database came from an actual device. Perhaps channels were added with later firmware versions. If that channel is defined in the xml file created by OH in the zwave directory of userdata, you can create a new database entry for newer firmware . The database guide is here.