Add buttons to Android lockscreen to execute openhab functions

Is it possible to add buttons to the android lockscreen to execute certain openhab functions (like closing the roller shutter). I don’t want to unlock my phone to perform tasks…

The android app gives you the option to define some tiles which reside in the quick access menu (the drag down from the top bar). Depending on your phone settings you can get to those quick access tiles from the lock screen.


There are a lot of “ifs” when it comes to doing something with Android.

If you want some sort of control panel to show up on your lockscreen, I’m not aware of any solution. You’d have to have some sort of lockscreen widget that displays an OH3 UI provided by the openHAB app.

The openHAB app lets you add quick-settings tiles to the notification shade, but I don’t know if your phone allows customization of the quick settings, or if you can access them from the lockscreen.

You can use Tasker to trigger the openHAB app, and then turn these tasks into faux apps that you might be able to add to your lockscreen, though I’ve never done that. If your phone lets you choose your lockscreen apps, you could then assign one of those faux apps to trigger the commands.

I suppose you could also just make the openHAB app available on your lockscreen, but then you’re exposing OH to anyone who picks up your phone.

If you have a Samsung phone, you might be able to use the sideActions app to program your hardware keys to trigger Tasker actions. I have a double-press-and-hold of a volume key set up to unlock my door.

And if you have an Android watch, you might be able to use WearTasker to, again, trigger Tasker tasks.