Add Dimmer to group and show switch + slider in sitemap

Hi there,

I´ve added a zwave qubino flush dimmer to my openhab2 system.
If I add two items for this dimmer (Switch, Dimmer) and add them as Switch and Slider to the sitemap directly, I get two controls which work perfect. Switching off automatically also sets the slider to 0% and if I swipe over the slider the switch changes to “on”.

But I´m using this dimmer as part of a group. And if this group is linked in a sitemap both items are shown (switch and slider) but they don´t talk to each other. Both are working but if i switch of the slider still stays on 100% for example. Or if I slide the dimmer to 0% then the switch is still turned on.

Someone an idea how to get this up and working correctly?

Thanks & best

Using Groups in Sitemaps have lots and lots of limitations and problems. I think you will have to put the other on your Sitemaps individually and not use the Group element.

@rlkoshak I would also prefer this way but is there a way to group sitemaps inside another sitemap? E.g. I have a sitemap “all” and there is a button “Living Room” which then loads the sitemap “livingroom” when I tap on it?

Sort of possible.

You can’t have separate sitemaps but you can have subframes. For example:

Text label="Living room" {
    Frame label="Lighting"{
        // Items go here
Text label="Kitchen"{

This will appear as a single line for each Text line which when clicked upon will open a separate page.

Is there no fix or work around for this because I personally think it’s a major bug and or problem! No one has even replied to my attempt to solve the same issue. For me the problem is this can’t be the answer I have 4 rooms that each have a pair of Philips Hue bulbs that should act as one as they are either in the same fixture or either end of my couch as well as 5 bulbs across 3 fixtures in the hallway that i think should all act as one! So my GUI should only ever have one switch and one slider for these pairs and the hall lights. It’s extremely clunky and awkward to have to slide say the 5 individual sliders for all the hallway lights just to dim a group to 50%! Also seeing as you CAN actually use a group to dim or switch a set of lights shouldn’t the question be is this getting fixed? The only problem is a group with the type Dimmer doesn’t update the state of the dimmer when the switch state is changed so why not fix groups with the type Dimmer so they can be used with lights properly because I’m sure a major use case for groups is to group dimmable lights.

Thanks @rlkoshak! Works great…

All you do is create a Group with all the items that should act as one. Give the Group an appropriate type and function (e.g. a Group of switches would be Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF)).

Then put the Group on your sienna as a Switch.

When you toggle the Switch all members of the Group will receive the command. But you would need to put another entry on the sitemap using Group or listing each light separately if you also want to see the status and/or control reach light separately as well.

I do not use dimmers so can’t comment on your problem but your problem is very different from OP’s problem.

If you truly feel it is a bug, please file an issue on the Eclipse SmartHome repo.