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Previously when I was using openhab2 alpha release, there was an option to add groups and add things to groups.

Recently I downloaded openhab2 beta3 release, this option is missing in both Paper UI and the Rest API.

Should I install any binding to enable this feature?

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cc @Kai

If you used the groups for grouping Things, please now use the location field instead: Location for Things

Using locations, can you have a location within a location.

I have a scenario where I have say 2 windows in a room. One window has one actuator, and the other has two actuators as it is wider and i want to ensure a uniform seal when closed.

Currently, I see that 2 groups are needed, one for the room and one for the second window with 2 actuators. Using this approach I should be able to close all windows or both individually.

How would you do this using the location field?

I would continue to create group items in *.items files just as I do this since 6 years :slight_smile:
Note that the Paper UI simply does not (yet) support item management (just very rudamentory right now), so you should either use HABmin or *.items files for that purpose.

Thanks Kai, that was my plan, but interested in other options as they become available.

So it’s been about a year, and item management is still very rudimentary in the UI. This is kind of sad.

Is there a way @Kai to use items created in the UI, and assign them to groups?
I don’t mean locations, I mean logical non-location groups such as “lights” or “doors” or “outlets”…

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Well, yes, just by setting the “parent groups” for these items:

Is this still the only way to populate existing items into a group? (2.3.0-snapshot)

I’m finding that

  1. I can’t use the items file because the item already exists. And i don’t really want to have to remove the zWave switches are re-create them manually. What can I say… I’m lazy

  2. Trying to add a ‘Parent Group’ via the Paper UI, says it’s successful. But doesn’t seem to save it

  3. I can’t see way to edit groups in HABmin. I can see a Groups field, but it’s grey’ed out and can’t be edited (It’s always blank)