Add IP & user to request log?

For introspection, I would like to add IP addresses and authenticated user names to the request log (i.e. IP/user of the client sent the request to the server). This would provide an audit trail of ‘who did what & when’…

Not sure if this requires code changes or if it can be accomplished by modifying logback.xml…

Any ideas/suggestions?



I don’t see an option for the user name, but logging the IP address ought to be possible. They key is to edit openhab/etc/jetty/etc/jetty.xml, in the section near the end near Configure Request Log. You have options you can control, some documented here. One thing to try: You might want to change a line so it reads

<Set name="logCookies">true</Set>

just to see what it does. Let us know how it goes!

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