Add Multiple Tasmota Counters to channels

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      I have added MQTT-Broker, is online, so o.k.
      I have added a Generic MQTT Thing, is online, so o.k.
      With Mqtt.fx subscribing
      i receive
      my channel is
      `UID: mqtt:topic:NanoPiM4:ESP32
      label: Generic MQTT Thing
      thingTypeUID: mqtt:topic
      configuration: {}
      bridgeUID: mqtt:broker:NanoPiM4
    • id: Counter1
      channelTypeUID: mqtt:number
      label: Counter Gas
      description: “”
      stateTopic: tasmota/discovery/F008D1D7F180/sensors
      postCommand: false`
      How can I set this in a way that i get “COUNTER C1”, COUNTER C2 and COUNTER C3 in separate channels.
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Welcome to the openHAB forum :wave

In the present config your channel receives the complete JSON string. Using JSONPath transformation you can limit that to the needed value. Create three channels, each with a different transformation pattern.
JSONPath transformation needs to be installed for that.
For the temperature you would need a pattern like:


Thank You very much for the hint.
I will think about that but my knowledge on that is quite limited.

I’d prefer flashing the esp32 with arduino and define the counters seperatly.