Add nest to Openhab2

Hi Guys,

apologies for any silly questions as I am a complete beginner.

I have 3 nest thermostats. 1 called loft, 1 called upstairs and 1 called downstairs. I have installed the nest binding 1.10.0 however I cannot find any nest products in my inbox. I have followed the instructions to open a developers account however I have no idea what to enter in the permissions thermostat tab. I cant link my thermostats to openhab2.

Please, please help.

Autodiscovery (devices showing up in the inbox) works for 2.x bindings, but not for 1.x bindings. You will have to do the configuration via text files.
A full example can be found here:

Bindings wiki is here:

how do I configuration via text files? I have followed instructions and setup a develpoment account however I still cannot pick up any devices.

Binding configuration goes into a nest.cfg file:

Items definition go into an items file:

Sitemap definitions go into a sitemaps file:

Example for a Nest items file:

Example for a Nest sitemaps file:

Locations of all the mentioned file types (assuming you are on some sort on Linux operating system):