Add-on area not visible after update

After an update of openhab I cannot see anymore the complete area of add-ones under settings (see screenshot). I have tried already to go to things and add a new binding with install more bindings but openhab says always 0 add-on available. Please help me because I would like to install a new binding without reinstalling openhab completely new.:joy:

See e.g. [OH3] Addons-Section empty in UI, not possible to install bindings

Cleaning the cache ( sudo openhab-cli clean-cache ) should/may help.

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It worked!! (with sudo openhab-cli clean-cache) But first stop openhab (sudo systemctl stop openhab.service) and don’t wonder it may take up to 8 minutes to restart openhab.
Thank you soo much :grinning:

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