Add-on Market?

Has anyone considered building an add-on market? would such a thing be possible? I imagine developers building their add-ons, and posting the JARs to a common repository. currently, I see that the add-ons appear on the github source page. How do they get there? Is there some sort of review process?

There is a discussion here at the community (I don’t remember the exact category, sorry) about future options for addons in a market, one ore more repositories and so on, it is still work in progress, I think.

Up to now all addons are added to the main repository after review process, but some addons are standalone repositories and therefore have to be added manually, if anyone has noticed their existence at all.
No, this isn’t nice, but no developer can be forced to send a pull request…

A simpler solution, if I hazard a guess, could be just a simple wiki page where devs can list their add-ons, with links to JARs, and any self-hosted repos for the code. This could be an easy interim solution until something more official along the lines of a store comes along.