Add-ons in Paper UI missing

I need help on my Paper UI.
I cannot install any Binding, because the Add-ons folder is missing!!!

I have installed the official release OH2 about “apt-get install openhab2” on my RPI3 and the addons about “sudo apt-get install openhab2-addons”…

Sorry for my bad english :disappointed:

Did you try to completely uninstall openHAB2?

sudo apt-get purge openhab2-addons
sudo apt-get purge openhab2

and reinstall only openhab2?

yesterday evening I have uninstall openHAB2 and reinstall.
The Add-on folder is available again…

So… Openhab2 is not yet stable? I find it strange that users need to reinstall the software to make it work as expected. I have the same problem now but really not that interested in reinstalling Openhab. I would like to spend my time building a smarter home, not reinstalling the control-software.

I have/had the same problem. I cannot find the Add-ons in the menu. I tried reinstalling OH2 but still missing. What I did was as:

  1. Back up OH2 according to manual
  2. Create a new virtual machine with ubuntu 16.04
  3. Install OH2 according to manual
  4. Restore OH2 according to manual

My add-on-link is still missing.


That’s strange. My setup is
-> debian-jessie-amd64
-----> oracle-java-1.8.0_131
----------> openHAB2 (unstable)

and I never had missing links (although I have to admit, I did see strange things when being to impatient at first openHAB-start, and then a new installation did help)

Can it be the Backup/restore that is my problem? Something in the restore-files that makes the link go away? I would like to not do a clean install and add everything again as I have around 80 zwave nodes.

take a look at - - its a bug…