Add packages to openhabian?

I have openhabian on a Pi 2. If I install an additional package such as for example Flite (Text to Speech Synthesizer) what is the best way of keeping that up to date, without affecting Openhab?

It seems from other posts that if I use apt-get this might make me lose my bindings that I entered using Paper UI.

The text next to the upgrade option on sudo openhabian -config window seems to suggest that this option will update all installed software. Would this include the packages installed outside openhabian?

Thanks for any help anybody can provide



openHAB is just yet another package installed on the base linux system. You can install other packages in parallel, these will not directly influence the openHAB instance (with the exception of dependencies and conflicting applications).

The Upgrade option in the configuration tool will execute sudo apt upgrade , so yes, this entry will update e.g. flite.

Excellent. thanks for the prompt reply