Add some color to glues together strings of temp + humi

I have glued together a string item so temperature and humidity will display on one line.
I would also like to add some color values so it can be easily seen when the values are outside of set range.

In my sitemap i have defined label color based on temp. But would also like to add humidity so even if temperature is ok but humidity is low - something will be colored red. Wonder if this can be done?

Text item=sense_bigro label="Cinema room [%s]"  labelcolor=[sense_bigro_temp<=19="red",sense_bigro_temp<=21="orange", sense_bigro_temp<=24="green",sense_bigro_temp<=25="orange",sense_bigro_temp>25="red"]

You might be able to get it to work. The conditionals are evaluated from left to right and it applies what ever condition evaluates to true first. So you should be able to do:

valecolor=[sense_bigro_temp<19="red",sense_bigro_hum<30="red", ...]