Add Tags to Items after initial configuration with PaperUI

I’m into openhab for some time already and as the conmpatibility to Google is given now, i installed the whole openhabianPi from the scratch.
So i did all updates, initial setup, choose my location with UTF-8 encoding, installed bindings and added all “things”, same as created several “items” and linked them to the channels. Everything with PaperUI till now.
Soo far - so good.
Now i wanted to sync the whole thing to Google Assistant and for this i need tags, if i got this right.
I’m not able to add tags over PaperUI.
Also i’m not able to add tags over HABmin. The field is just greyed out and even unlinking the item does not allow me to egit tags.
Now i installed VS Code and as i didn’t know it better and cant find any tutorial how to start with the editor, i just opened my openhab-shares/openhab-userdata/jsondb/***item.json and edited one item by adding a tag. Then i restarted openhab.
Now the tag is still not there, but for addition all my special characters in names (like Ä) were gone and replaced by “?”.
Can someone help me getting this to work? I feel like being in the dark with this whole thing :confused:

PS: The special characters are not only gone in my edited file, but in all files, like the things and links …

Never edit jsondb while OH is running.

VSCode is only useful for editing the textual configure files and won’t be very helpful to you for editing jsondb.

The approach I’ve seen recommended is to add tags to PaperUI created Items using the REST API. You can install the interactive docs from the misc tab in PaperUI. You can add the tags from the docs.