Add "°" to temperature value on a floorplan marker tooltip

Perhabs I am too lazy, but how do I add the degree after the temperature value on my floorplan marker?

I have an item that holds the value. But how to get a dynamich tooltip?


I don’t use floorplan so can’t be certain, but everywhere else in MainUI you set the way an Item’s value is displayed by adding the State Description Item metadata and setting the pattern according to Items | openHAB.

Hmm ok. So the Item holds the Information about the formatted information?

That’s weird. In almost every programming language I know the variable only holds the value, but no information about the formatted output (because ist makes no sense).

I my mind it was logical, that the Item represents the value and the marker outputs the value in a formatted way. So in consequence the marker should hold the defintion about the output format.

What If I want wo show the same value in two markers with different format? Then I have to create two Items? hmmm… weird.

An Item isn’t just a variable and openHAB isn’t just a programming language. Items have states, labels, tags, Groups they belong to and, if a Group Item there are members of the Group. They are further associated with metadata and Item Channel Links which are sometimes considered a part of the Item but in fact are stored and managed separately. There is also persistence which, depending on the Rule programming language used, appears to be a part of the Item too but are in fact separately implemented.

The State Description is Item metadata which isn’t “held” by the Item. It’s associated with the Item, if one wants to be technical.

I don’t use the floorplan so I can’t comment on that but one can pose the question the other way. What if I want to show the state of my Item the same way everywhere? I have to set the display formatting in all these different places?