Adding a Device Manually in .items

Would someone point me towards readings pertaining to adding THINGS (a sensor in this case) in the .items file manually?

I have a Z-Stick Gen5 that has an Ecolink TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO Sensor Included. I can see the Sensor Included as Node 49 using another Z-Wave program.

PaperIU, Inbox does not see the device, even when I disabled Sleep mode. Manual searches under Inbox do not find anything.

Yet, when I checked the openHAB device library I found the sensor as Thing Type ID: eco_tiltzwave25eco_00_000

So, this leads me to ask the question, how do I add it manually or can I add it manually?

FYI, I am a 2-week newbie, having just installed openHAB on a RaspberryPI. So, I apologize if this has been asked previously. I did do searches, but the responses did not apply to my question.

Your patience and direction of reading/studies Will Be Appreciated.


THINGS need to be added to *.things files, ITEMS with CHANNELS need to be added to *.items files.
But I guess this is not what you want.

I guess you want to autodiscover your zwave device. As you already told us that device is included to the controller through another program. Did you include it securely? Then you need to add the secure key to openHAB. If it is not securely included, you can just hit the plus sign in PaperUI (or the circled plus sign in HABmin), then choose the zwave binding, then it will pop up in your inbox.

If it does not, please provide your openhab.log.

Thank you very much for your response.

To answer your questions; The device was not added with security to the AEON Z-Stick Gen5

Using the Inbox, I clicked on the Plus-Sign, then Z-Wave Binding. Z-Wave Node 50 (This is probably correct, because in my multiple attempts to add this device, I have Excluded and Included it into my Z-Stick and the node more than likely incremented from 049 to 050.

However, it was discovered as an ‘Unknown Device’. Clicking on the check-mark, the Inbox added it as a ‘Thing’.

It now shows in Configuration/Things as ‘Z-Wave Node 050, Unknown Device’. It even tells me it is ‘Online’.

Since, I found this device (Ecolink TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO) in the openHAB device library under ‘’ eco_tiltzwave25eco_00_000. What would I need to edit, for lack of a better expression, make it a known device?

And, don’t I need to add this to the items configuration file associated channel information? How is this done? Or, what is the Syntax for the items file if I were to edit items directly?

Thank You very much for your response.


That’s a battery powered device. You will need to wake it up, sometimes a bunch of times, to give the binding enough change to interrogate it and discover what it is. Battery devices go into a deep sleep so the binding can’t send messages to it and expect to get responses in a timely manner.

It looks like this device was added last year so it should be in the database as long as you are running 2.3 or greater. So you should just need to keep waking up the device (check the manual) until the binding can recognize it.