Adding a new zwave device that is in the database, but not the released version

I am using openhab to control zwave devices. I have an Enerwave ZW15S and am running the released version of openhab (2.0.0) installed from the debian packages. There is no device information for this device. However, device information is available in the database (at and in the newest snapshot.
One can also download the xml data, however, I was not able to find a way to add this file to the instance of openhab. Thus my questions: How can I include this device without using the newest snapshot?

You should use the snapshot binding which should contain this device. There’s no easy way to add devices to an already released binding.

Chris, Thanks for the reply. Is the snapshot version of the z-wave binding expected to be compatible with the released version of openhab2? That is, can I just upgrade the z-wave binding or do I have to upgrade openhab2 and the binding? If it is possible, how would I upgrade the z-wave binding in the released version of openhab2?

Yes - it’s compatible, so you can just update to the latest ZWave binding. Installing snapshot bindings is being made easier at the moment - I’d suggest a search on the forum though as there are a few questions about this. Basically, to do this manually, uninstall the current binding, and drop the new binding into the addons folder. You then need to use the console to install the serial driver with the following command -:

feature:install openhab-transport-serial

Thanks, the comment that the release and snapshot version of the addons could be installed at the same time was the key point.