Adding a Zwave device

Hey Guys,

So the question is: How do I add a device to the zwave database?

I’ve googled and searched. I’ve looked at the wiki for the zwave binings add on, grabbed the git project. I’ve looked at cd-jacson’s website, read his documentation and I am still lost. What am I missing?

I have two types GE/Jasco Z-Wave outlets. One type is the old type, in the database and works.
I have no idea where openhab2 zwave database is this wiki seems to be referencing the openhab1 zwave project, as the openhab2 zwave project has no database folder.

These are the new ones being sold now, and it doesn’t look like it’s in the DB…

What am I missing? The bottom of the wiki says ‘raise an issue’, put in a issue ticket for the zwave project?

This is the properties from the auto-generate jsondb file for the new outlet:
“properties”: {
“zwave_class_basic”: “ROUTING_SLAVE”,
“zwave_class_generic”: “BINARY_SWITCH”,
“zwave_frequent”: “false”,
“zwave_neighbours”: “1,15,18,24,25,26,28,29”,
“zwave_version”: “5.23”,
“zwave_listening”: “true”,
“zwave_plus_devicetype”: “ON_OFF_POWER_SWITCH”,
“zwave_deviceid”: “12595”,
“zwave_nodeid”: “27”,
“zwave_routing”: “true”,
“zwave_beaming”: “true”,
“zwave_class_specific”: “POWER_SWITCH_BINARY”,
“zwave_manufacturer”: “99”,
“zwave_devicetype”: “18770”

login and then go to
click on +Add on top right part and upload xml

Everything you need to know is here: