Adding brand new devices to ZWave

I’ve bought new MoveZ ZWave Blind Controllers from Indiegogo, together with a Z-Stick Gen 5. Is there a guide I need to follow to let the ZWave binding know what to do with the Blind Controllers when they eventually arrive?

Yes, please see this link.

Note that you will need to register then let me know so I can update your access to allow editing (it’s written in bold at the top of the instructions, but many people miss it :wink: ).

registered and email sent

I’ve updated your access… Thanks.

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Did you manage to do something?

Maybe it’s worth knowing what you actually want done? “Something” has a very wide meaning :wink:

I ask about any update in this topic :grinning:
I think about Movez but it’s not at the supported devices list. If nothing was done about this device - how hard is to add new device definition?

Then I guess this answers the question :slight_smile: . You can always add it to the database as already described above.

I’d not recommend buying MoveZ until I actually receive mine and its proven to work. Its why I’ve not added it to the database. On Indiegogo there is the occasional update promising that it will arrive, but despite being selected as a beta tester I’ve not received anything and they ignore my emails.
I got fed up of waiting and added mains powered motors to most of my roller blinds switched by SOnOffs running Tasmota

Thanks for the information. It looks like we actually have to wait for the development of z-wave roller blind drivers. Notify if you receive a package :wink:

I have received a Beta unit and am working through getting it to work with Z-Wave.
@chris can you help me with this? I think its paired and I have a Z-Wave thing tagged with
The device is not in the database
The device initialisation is not complete
I’ve attached the log
zwave.log (8.1 KB)

Do you have the XML for the device? It will be created in the userdata/zwave folder? If so, you can create the database entry for this.

I think I do - sent you a PM.

Yep - that’s the file. I’ve created the database entry (see below) - it needs further information adding, manuals, photos etc uploading before it can be added to the binding. It would be appreciated if you could take a look at that?

I’ve added the description, inclusion and exclusion information, and uploaded the manual together with a product image extracted from it and converted to jpg. I’ve also had a go at editing the functionality section, but most of what it says in the manual means nothing to me. I’ve added the supported command classes apart from
non-secure COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY_2 (ver01)
as I can’t find them in the database

I’ve also added an extra copy of non-secure COMMAND_CLASS_ZWAVEPLUS_INFO by mistake which needs deleting - the ver 2 is the correct one, ver 1 needs to go.
also “switch dimmer” is in the database but not in the MOVEZ supported command classes.
That’s as far as I’m going for now as I have no idea how this ends up as a thing I can map to an item!
Can anyone help with this please?
The commands are in this extract from the manual MOVEZ_commands.pdf (291.9 KB)
and the database entry page has these warnings

Endpoint 0 has no command class linked to the basic class.
Device supports configuration, but no parameters are defined.
Device supports associations, but no groups are defined.
Command Class "ZWAVE_PLUS_INFO" in endpoint 0 is duplicated!

I see somebody has kindly edited the Db and now its only error seems to be
Endpoint 0 has no command class linked to the basic class
Can this error be ignored or do I need to do something with it - what?
Updating to the latest snapshot has got me a MoveZ device which has 2 channels
Roller Shutter and Battery Level and I can now move a slider which operates the device.

I’m afraid I can’t help with the endpoint 0 error in the database, but this topic caught my attention.

You probably just got it working, but how do you like the movez so far?

Its too early to tell as I’ve only got it working on the bench. Once its charged, likely tomorrow, I’ll fit it to a roller blind and be able to provide more feedback. Its a beta product currently so the final item will likely be different, and based on performance to date won’t arrive anytime soon.
I’ll update this once its installed and I’ve had a time to work out how well it works. So far its position and battery level only, and the position in the UI shows where its come from rather than where it is now.
UPDATE: Turning Off “Command Poll Period” in the devices properties has stopped the incorrect position display

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You can ignore this.