Adding Cloud connector disconnected too rules?

Hi everyone

Like most of you my system also serves as a security system detects motion ect

if motion is detected it sends a notification too my mobile using the openhab cloud connector but this sometimes gets disconnected

2018-07-22 19:07:21.598 [INFO ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Disconnected from the openHAB Cloud service (UUID = ITS A SECRET, base URL = http://localhost:8080)

is there a way too add this in my rules so it can revert too using email if the cloud connector is down ?

i would also like too send myself a notification if the cloud connector gets disconnected


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Thanks for that its worked perfect

It reports back as operational do you know what it reports as operational as the website linked shows 3 OH servers is it just one of the servers or a collective

and do you know of a way too link this too my setup as this will only report if there are problems with the actuall cloud service and not a random disconnect from the OH server

Sorry, I don’t use this. Just rembered reading it and thought it may help you out. :slight_smile:

Yh thanks for that its definitely a starting point and got me further than i was getting on my own :wink:

i will post on the thread directly

You can look at the LogReader Binding which you can have read your OH logs looking for that log and set an Item as appropriate.

What you really care about is whether your OH is connected more so than whether the service itself is online/offline.

I might be worth creating an issue to have an online status Thing to the Cloud Connector binding, if that is even possible.

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Hi Rich

I’m not sure how too do that is that on github?

People have mentioned the log reader binding too me in other posts I never gave that a thought thanks for that

Yes i only care if my OH is connected too the cloud not if there are problems as an internal network problem could drop my connection and I would never know as it would still report operational

Click on Issues, search to make sure someone hasn’t already filed such an issue. If not create a new one and provide all the relevant information described in the template that comes up.


I have looked on github couldent find anything about this but I may have not searched properly as this is my first time using that site

So I have added a issue It’s no #3760

What happens next?

For now I’m going too look at the log reader binding again

Someone may ask questions or further clarification. Then we wait for someone to decide they want the feature too and adds it, or they determine it is something that is not feasible or too hard to implement or doesn’t fit in with existing plans in which case it gets closed.

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Thanks for that

Are you using the cloud connector? How do you deal with disconnects if you do

Should I edit my post on github and say I’m talking about the connection not a locally hoisted one

I don’t rely on it for anything critical so if it disconnects I don’t really care. I mainly use it to get notification when OH goes down which usually means my ISP is down and for minor alerts. I don’t and probably wouldn’t trust OH to act as my alarm system. But over all I’ve found it to be pretty reliable. I routinely monitor my logs in OH and I’ve yet to have an alert that I’ve tried to send that I didn’t receive.

It really doesn’t matter. From the Cloud Connector’s perspective there is no difference.

At the moment I haven’t got another alarm installed so oh is doing a better job than nothing :slight_smile:

Thanks for that rich will just wait and see what happens