Adding CT-110 thermostat to z-wave product database

I am creating product definition for CT-110 thermostat. Using information partially from here ( and from existing definitions of CT-30 and CT-100.

The problem is that almost all the configuration of this thermostat has to be done programmatically.
So now I’m stuck with configuring the thermostat display to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

I’ve contacted RadioThermostat support and was ignored ( in a soft way ) . they just forwarded me to zwavealliance pages saying the thermostat was “compatible” and no other documentation was needed.
UPDATE: I’ve received an official reply from RadioThermostat saying that

I checked with our engineers. They said that at this time, there is no way to get Celsius on the thermostat. However, the app can be set to read the temperature on the web site in Celsius.

So my following question probably has no answer for now…

Any ideas how I can configure thermostat display from F to C using ZWave protocol?

(otherwise the product definition is good enough to be used in US :slight_smile: but in Canada I got used for Celsius)
testing it right now and will pull-request shortly…

Hi, I’m kind of a newbie in OpenHab and not a developer. I have a Radio Thermostat CT110 installed in my new home hoping that I can use it with OpenHab for automation. I came across your post which is the only one on the web (after days of searching) that says CT110 can be supported but could not understand what I need to do to get it working. Can you please elaborate or share a write up on how I and maybe others can use your method for getting CT110 to work with OH? I’m using OpenHab 2.0 on a Raspberry Pi2 if that helps.


Hi, M Norouzi.
What you need is a zwave binding that supports this product.
You can compile it yourself using the source cope I provided in a github link in my initial post ( there are just couple xml files).
Then you need to substitute zwave bindings JAR in your OH setup.
Alternatively you can wait until I finish my tests, make a pull request, it will be (hopefully) accepted and included in the following releases of OH2.
FYI: i am testing CT110 support with OH1.8.3 which is my current version running for more than a year.
So far the product definitions I created work well on a new (not installed yet CT110). I am comparing right now behaviour of CT-30 ( which is my working thermostat today) to CT-110.
After that the plan is to switch from OH1 to OH2 and from CT-30 to CT110. To be realistic this will happen within 1-2 following months…

Can I request that you add it to the database here -:

Then it will be available for all to use for both OH1 and OH2. It also should be easier to enter than manually editing the XML ;).


Sure will do.
Thank you for pointing to the right place!

No problem - once you’ve registered, drop me a mail so I can give you edit access… Any problems, just let me know…


just tried to import CT110 product XML and got:
1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘,1036)’ at line 3 SQL=INSERT INTO #__zwave_endpoints (device,number,label,basicclass,genericclass,specificclass,created_by) VALUES (390,0,‘Endpoint 0’,1036)

What is the XML? Is this an XML that OH generated, or is it something you made, or something else?

the one that I created to describe the product

Do you have the XML that OH creates (in the etc/zwave folder on OH1)? If so, I would suggest to use this for starters although in theory the OH1 files should also work, I’ve not tested this for a while and things have changed a bit…

the one from etc folder worked - uploaded.

Hi again and thank you for adding CT110 to the standard library. I tried the latest build and added my Aeon z-stick controller (Gen 5). Then OH discovered my CT110 thermostat as node2 and added it to the things but it’s still not able to identify it as a RTC CT110. It shows up as unknown device with a node number and some addresses. Is there any way to force OH to recognize the thermostat? Or do I even have to do it or just use whatever it identified (if possible)? Thanks again for the help.

Please provide this information - it’s kinda important :wink: . Manufacturers often use many different IDs for devices so your specific IDs might not be in the database.

It shows up as: Z-Wave Node 2 (0098:6E01:0100:10.5)

This version isn’t (wasn’t) in the database - I’ve just added it so it should make it into the binding in the next day or so.

Thanks Chris. Generally, what would it take to get this kind of updates. If I’m on a stable version, how can I get the latest binding information into my installed version of OH? sorry if this is due to the lack of basic knowledge on my side.