Adding custom PaperUI page

Is it possible for an add-on to plug own page into PaperUI ? An item in the navigation menu on the left would do.
My binding has quite nonstandard discovery process, which requires to enter a one-time password. To facilitate that i create own RESTResource in my binding. It works. Currently i am using curl to nake requests, but something more user-friendly is needed.
This is the scenario i imagine:

  1. The user opens the page. It asks to enter an OTP.
  2. On pressing OK the page issues the request and gets the response.
  3. Depending on the response, an error message or an invitation to Inbox is displayed.

@5iver my question still applies:

  1. I want to use the binding with 2.5 release
  2. Replace “PaperUI” with “next-gen UI” and this applies to v3 also. Or will it be covered by ?

What you want to achieve is possible only with changing the PaperUI code. As it is depreceated, nobody will change the code or review PRs against it, unless its a bug.
You might check if the way how EchoControl binding does the login might be helpfull for you.

Well. What about adding completely own UI for this purpose ? To be listed on home page, next to PaperUI, BasicUI, Log viewer, etc ? How to add such a resource?

You can add whatever webpage you like to the dashboard, Just check dashboard.cfg in conf/services

Thank you for pointing at EchoControl! I see it does exactly that: adds custom page. From the readme:
— cut —

  1. Create an ‘Amazon Account’ thing
  2. open the url YOUR_OPENHAB/amazonechocontrol in your browser (e.g. http://openhab:8080/amazonechocontrol/), click the link for your account thing and login.
    — cut —

But it does not modify PaperUI, like you asked for.

Yes, i see. So, i’ve written instructions in to use this new page for configuring things. I even managed to borrow some of PaperUI stylesheets for the tool to look OpenHABish.
Thank you for your support! I am solving some packaging issues before releasing my binding for public testing.
BTW, this gave me an idea on how to better integrate this approach to OpenHAB 3, i’ll post in appropriate ticket on github