Adding delay timer in simple logic for OH3

Has anyone considered adding a simple rule to be able to just insert a delay timer in the simple rule creation for OH3? I do a lot of quick creations where it’s if a certain device turns on or off, then I want to trigger another device in 5 or 10 mins, and this would be awesome if built in.


is pretty simple, though users should always be aware of the consequences.

createTimer(now.plusMinutes(5)) [ | someItem.sendCommand(ON) ]

is still pretty simple.

What would your proposal look like? Presumably you would need parameters for ‘how long’, ‘what to do’, who to do it to’ ? Should you be able to stop the process after it has started?

I was just thinking that in the UI where it now says “But only if” then a condition could be added for “After XX time”, and you could select that, then enter the amount like HH:MM:SS

There seems to be no advantage over sleep.

What should happen if a repeat trigger comes along during the delay period? There are a number of choices, which is wanted would depend on circumstances.
How can the timer be aborted, if other circumstances change?

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