Adding Fibaro Home Center Lite (HCL) to openHAB2

I am trying to get a HCL into my zwave network.

Fibaro HCL, v. 4.170
OH 2.2
Raspberry Pi 3 B

Accoring to the fibaro forum it should be easy:

but nothing happens, nothing is found, when searching for new zwave devices in OH2 and pressing “Start Learn Mode” on HCL.

Distance between my pi and the HCL is 20cm.

Any advice?

Did you manage to do that? I have just bought HC light for secondary controller to refresh my fibaro devices. It connected as secondary controller but in OH it is unknown device. Fibaro see all zwave devices but it is visible as unconfigured ones.

Phew…IIRC I tried to update my devices several times. Luckily it worked after many tries. There was no flawless solution other than try again, again and again.

Now it works for me, but it seems that Openhab does not recognise it as secondarz controller, buy Aeotec Zwave Stick communicates with it.