Adding IP-Cam in sitemap configuration

Hi Guys, im (new) to openhab, especially to OH2. After a long time I’m able to run OH2 on RPi3. Thank goodness. I configured my KNX and it works fine now.
But I’m getting crazy with some sitemap an item setting’s.
Currently I’m trying to setup my ip-cam (y-cam), I followed some threads where other people setup an ip-cam in sitemap configuration in the following way:

Text    label="IP-Cam 01" icon="camera" {
     Video url="http://<IP-DER-WEBCAM>/videostream.cgi?rate=0&user=<BENUTZERNAME>&pwd=<PASSWORT>" encoding="mjpeg" label="IP-Cam 01"

I configure OH2 via Eclipse Smart Home Designer. When I enter the above code the systems tells me mismatched “encoding” and the Video URL can not be embedded.

I nowehere found the OH2 documentation the possible parameters for item or sitemap elements.

Where can I find such an documentation?
Who can help me to setup my ip-cam correctly?

Thanks in advance


Using Image instead of Video, and the integration works fine.


I still have the problem with ipcamera.