Adding MQTT binding to autodetected ZWave item

I’m building up my system, and I found something that I could do in OH1, but can’t figure out how to do in OH2.

Previously, I had put both ZWave and MQTT bindings into a single item to allow the switch to be controlled from either the sitemap UI or from MQTT.

I don’t see a mechanism to add the MQTT binding to the autodetected item.

I realize that I can do this by doing the item configuration in the itmes file (I assume that I need to delete the item in the paper UI when I do), but I’m looking for a more OH2-esque method.


openHAB 1.x bindings can only be used in conjunction with .items files. It would be great to be able to add binding configs via the UI but that is not currently possible. With the 2.0 Z-Wave binding, you would add channel="..." to your .items file for the Z-Wave binding.

Thanks for the reply. Two more questions if you don’t mind:

  1. I’m assuming that I should delete the item from the Paper UI first in order not to confuse things?
  2. I wasn’t aware that there was a zwave2 binding in-flight until just now. I haven’t seen much info about it posted. Is it expected to arrive anytime soon? (@chris)


The OH2 ZWave binding has been around for about 1 year. There was a lot of discussion a year ago, but now it’s mixed in with the rest of the chatter and it’s hard to know if someone is talking about the OH1 or OH2 zwave binding.