Adding new binding from source to oh2b3

Hi all

I would like to get my KNX connection working on openhab2. I know that Karel Goderis worked on a new binding and the Code is there.
Here’s the thread:

but how do I add this now to my openhab2 beta setup? OH2b works ok, I have my Fritzbox and my Netatmo connection working ok… but now I would like to test the new binding from Karel.

He gave me this link:

how can I get this now into OH2? Compiling? or simply copying it over? Or do I have to recompile OH2 completely? Or when will the new binding be part of OH2b? I cannot find any information on this.

please advise.


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You would have to compile the source code, ie you have to install the ide to do that.
Or you make use of the openHAB1 knx binding as long as there is no openHAB2 knx binding. This should work flawless even under openHAB2.