Adding new device - Minoston NIE Tech Inovelli - Z-Wave Outdoor Smart Plug


I added/updated this device to the database maintained by @chris (thank you!) a few days ago.
To get my device to function, is there an FAQ that I should follow?
Do I need to let @chris know that I added a device?
I can’t seem to find where the latest Snapshots are located. Links posted on this site to Snapshot jar files are mostly broken, why does the location of these jars keep changing?
Will I have to re-pair all my devices?
What is the downside to using the snapshot z-wave binding?
Do I need to switch my OH to snapshot?
How do I know that the new device was integrated into the binding – is there a log?

currently running OpenHAB 2.5.5-1 Release
z-wave binding was installed via PaperUI

Should I do this?

  1. Uninstall z-wave binding from PaperUI
  2. Download the Snapshot version of z-wave Binding
  3. Drop it into the Add-ons folder
  4. Restart OH

Is it that simple? I’m guessing I’ll need to get the 2.5 branch of the binding…

This is the device

I know a lot of effort has been taken to document a lot of functionality, but it seems like we can use a “map” of sorts with YOU ARE HERE for adding new devices. Hunting community posts that come up short could be improved upon.

I’ve ordered the Kasa power plug, we’ll see if it’s any easier to acclamate to OH than adding a new device from scratch.

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You will need to update to the latest SNAPSHOT of the binding once the changes are merged (probably tonight).

No - not directly. If you clicked on the “Request Review” then it emails me and other admins and hopefully it gets reviewed. It looks like this device was reviewed by @sihui a few days ago, so it’s all good to go once I update the binding.

Yes, that looks correct. If you’re on Linux/Mac, you can also use @5iver s script -:

Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script

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Kai has asked that we do not generally point users to Jenkins for various reasons. I know the URLs have already changed since I have been here.

That is one reason I recommend the install script. It also checks and adds some dependencies, if needed.