Adding new function to an item (tilt shade)


I have shades that in order to tilt them you have to go back -1% from the last position.
for example, if you half opened the shades (50%) you have to go back to 49% and the shade will open.

I would like to have another button next to the other button of the item (like open, close and slider) that will go back -1%.

Is it a rule? or an item? where do I start?


I think it’s both.

For the rule, read the current state of your shades (e.g. 50) into a variable and subtract by one to get the new value that you’ll send to the shades as a command.

You’ll then want a proxy item that you can turn ON to trigger the rule. You’ll also want the item to return to OFF, so that it’s ready for the next time. You could do this within the rule or use the expire binding.

FYI, I’m not a rules expert, so there may be easier ways to decrement the value that I don’t know about. :wink:

From a UI perspective you can’t get there from here with sitemaps using a Rollershutter Item. There is no way for you to add another button to the Rollerhshutter element on the sitemap.

So what you can do is create a String Item and put it on the sitemap using a Switch with mappings. You can define the mappings to open/close/tilt. When the button is pressed, it will trigger a Rule which will send the appropriate command to your “real” Rollershutter Item. However, in this scenario you will notice that the slider will be missing.

There is no way I know of to accomplish this on one sitemap element. You will have to use two. I would recommend keeping the Rollershutter Item and sitemap element and adding a Switch Item and sitemap element for the tilt. When clicked it triggers a rule and that rule subtracts the 1% and commands the Rollershutter Item.


Thank you @rlkoshak so much for the elaborated response, I appreciate it

@obenreph, I realized after reading Rich’s post that I misinterpreted what you were asking. I got thinking about how to solve the rollback by 1% instead of creating the button you want. :wink:

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