Adding new http port to binding

I am currently trying to hack together a simple binding that receives http GET requests from a device and propagates the attributes in a thing. This works well as long as I use the standard httpService, with registerServlet on the OH2 default port. Unfortunately, the port to which the device sends the request cannot be changed, so I would like to register a 2nd port to listen on. I found this here: but I don’t know how / where I could somehow add this to my binding. Any ideas?

PS: I know that I could install some reverse proxy or nftable rules, or manage a TCP socket myself in the binding, but that somehow does not seem that elegant.

Is this here not the right place to ask, maybe? I just thought that ESH might not take into account all the stuff OH2 does for configuration and web, so it seems to be a more OH specific question than ESH. Where else could I ask?