Adding OH2 Things to Sitemap


we are currently testing out OH2.
Maybe I have a misunderstanding here of how OH2 operates.
Basically, we tried playing around with the Onkyo binding, which provides Things for our Receiver.
On the PaperUI, we can see these in the Binding Config, and under the Control section.
They provide Channels, …
So using it from within PaperUI does work
Now I tried to add some of these to a sitemap, which I think is still OH1.
Using the full Thing item name, I was not able to add it to the sitemap.
Like onkyo:onkyoAVR:volume
But it could never be listed on the sitemap.
I always had to create a new item for any of the channels provided by the thing.
Am I missing something here?

Hi Christian,

Try a smarthome:items on the console - this will give you the correct names of your items that can be used in the sitemaps.
They do not contain colons (these are the channel UIDs), but underscores, so likely something like onkyo_onkyoavr_volume.


Thanks Kai,

I’m pretty sure I tried that already, and got some errors that he couldn’t find the items with that name.
But I will try it again tomorrow.