Adding several devices

Endpoint 0 is the sum total of all clamps. So if you have three clamps, endpoint 0 is clamp 1 + clamp 2 + clamp 3. Endpoint 1 is just clamp 1. Endpoint 2 is just clamp 2. Endpoint 3 is clamp 3 (if you have a 3 clamp model).

Which one you use depends on where you have the meter hooked up. If you have it hooked up to the two phases for your house, you probably just need endpoint 0 and that’s about it. In my case, I hooked up two clamps to two branch circuits, so I wanted endpoints 1 and 2, and endpoint 0 is effectively garbage as far as I’m concerned. (“What’s the total watts I’m using in the garage AND kitchen” doesn’t seem like information I want to store.)

You have your device configured a bit strangely, but you should be seeing something. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts you don’t have anything in your association groups.

For this example HEM, I only want reports sent to the members of group 1, which happens to have only one member in it, the z-stick that’s attached to openhab. You can send reports to up to 5 members for each group.