Adding support for KNX 29.010 DPT (power energy meter)

Hello folks,

I’ve been using OpenHAB 2 for the last year and I’m currently enjoying it a lot!

My install is a complete KNX home automation install and, generally speaking, I’ve been able to control pretty much everything with OpenHAB.

Having recently switched from v2.0 to v2.1 I’m still unable to use some KNX DPTs, and specifically the 29.010 DPT format used in my KNX energy meter (the Ekinex MAEKMC1TP).

This is expressed in Wh (Watt hour) and would be very useful in measuring my home energy usage through the day.

I’m aware there are other ways of counting energy including open energy monitor but I don’t think I’m alone in having a full KNX install and trying to sort this problem out.

Also, it would be absolutely brilliant if we could find a way to add DPTs at config / runtime instead of compile time, does anybody here feel the same?

Does anybody know how to fix this or find a suitable workaround?

I hope my understanding is correct, I’m no java coder but I’ve had a look at as suggesteed by the KNX binding readme and felt like there’s not much we can do in case of unsupported data point type…

Many thanks for your patience!


Since OpenHAB is employing calimero (according to I’d like to point out that support for DPT 29.010 seems to be there already:

Maybe this could be added to OpenHAB next release?



Ok, since nobody bothered to reply, after 5 months I’ve finally upgraded to OpenHAB 2.3.0 with the KNX 2.0 binding and I can report DPT 29.010 is now working, thanks a lot.

Too bad the KNX 2.0 binding had me rewrite all configs only to find out my dimmers are completely broken in OpenHAB now…


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please explain to me how to report a new data point type (regarding to “I can report DPT 29.010” sentence) to openhab.
i am working with openhab 2.4.0 and extremely need to have another data point types which not supported in standard data point type in openhab. please help me to report desired data point type such as 17.001 .
best regards