Adding Switch to DB

So I have the dreaded GE Zw300x series (it’s the 4, not the 5) e.g. zw3004.

I see that the zw3003 is in the DB - but OH2 won’t even attempt to use the db entry for 3003. Can I manually add it some how? I looked up how to view the database, and started (DUMB) by just trying to copy the XML from the export > OH2 functionality and creating a node5.xml - that obviously wasn’t a great idea, but I’m not sure what to do at this point.

Even if it’s not ideal currently I hope to use it in the future (it’s been here too long to send back to amazon!)


The database uses the device type/id to work out what your device is, so we need to either add a new entry for this device (if it’s not exactly the same as the zw3003). If it is the same (and for example the 3 on the end is some sort of model variant to differentiate region or color or something) then we just need to add the device type/id for your device into the database. This is simple - I can do it if you tell me your devices ID (it’s shown in the attributes section of the thing in HABmin).

Good stuff! I actually did further reading and this stinking thing requires a “compatible” GE “addon” Zwave switch for the three way installation I was doing. They’ll get yah every time!

I’m going to look for some that are already in your database, but this is good information going forward. I didn’t realize it was centrally managed as such - which is great.

Thanks for the quick response!

Would this generally mean the multiSensor is “horked” or did the pairing not go well? I’ve tried twice. IT’s Aeon Labs and it’s listed in your DB.

I get
Manufacturer ffff
Type / ID ffff:ffff
Firmware Version0.0
Frequently Listening

This normally indicates that the initialisation isn’t completed. Given this is a battery device, it might be as simple as the device needs to be woken up a few times so that OH can read the information from the device (these parameters are some of the first that we read).