Adding tasks to iOS?


is it possible somehow to use a rule to add a task on iOS tasks?
For example i would like to create a task automatically, if the battery of a device is low.

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I would think no. Only way I could imagine that could work is if you find a way to interact with iCloud Reminders? :thinking:

what could work, is the shortcuts app.

You could put all of your battery items in a group, retreive the groups value with shortcuts, if value true, create new reminder. of cause just based on the group, to find the sensor with low battery you would need to look into OH.

Then you could create an automation, e.g. when you join your own wifi (or run once a day at e.g. 2am), run this shortcut…

More than hacky and ugly, but would and could work :wink:

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Agreed, automating a pulling shortcut might work - and there is a shortcut action to create a new reminder :thinking:

Thank you, hoped i can to it on server side, but this would be one possibility.

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