Adding "Thing" in PaperUI

HI, this is my first post, please be patient :slightly_smiling:

I have a working openHab 1.8 and am now migrating to openHab 2. Most of my stuff is running as expected, but I get trouble with the simple task to assign DateTime to an item (is working in 1.8!). The ntp service is installed and running, in the console I can do a “things” command and get “ntp:ntp:local (Type=Thing, Status=ONLINE, Bridge=null)” and I guess the “bridge=null” is the problem. When I look around in paperUI, I can find an NTP Thing, which I open to configure it. The popping up dialog for the Thing shows NO itms to select from, whatever I do. I restarted the openHab, I added antother item to my items file, … no help. All this happened, when I accidentally deleted the thing and the ntp service. After re-install of the service, I am hanging on that “Thing” that does not find my items. The console shows all available items includuing the defined DateTimeItem objects.

Any help, please. As far as I see it, there is no “manual” option to repair “Things”.

Just one addional info: scanning thrugh the paperUI Rest API , I found a way to add a Item-name to a Thing-channel.

So far, my problem that the time is not set, is now solved. Problem stays, why the paperUI config of things “forgets” items names " …

With the demo setup, it shows me two items to select from:

If you indeed do not get any DateTime items displayed here (although you have defined some), please try to provide a step by step way about how to reproduce the phenomenon - thanks!