Adding Thing to <name>.things configuration file does not add the thing to openHab

I am trying to add a network thing via the configuration file (not via Paper UI etc.). Somehow the thing isn’t availabe in openHab2 afterwards.

[13:45:45] openhabian@openHABianPi:/etc/openhab2$ cat things/test.things
Thing network:pingdevice:handymario [ hostname="" ]

When doing a “smarthome:things list” in the console or when looking for the device in the Paper UI, I can’t find the thing/device. What am I missing?

It’s possible to add the device via Paper UI, but I’d rather have as much as possible in those text files (not sure if that’s the correct approach, but I would think using the config files would make for easier backups etc).

The binding is installed, I have used it before.

Any hints?

Nevermind… it has to be

Thing network:device:handymario...

It’s working now.