Adding two new Lumi ZWave Switches to the ZWave binding database

Hi @chris and @Bruce_Osborne

A few months ago you’ve helped me add two Unknown Zwave Devices made by Lumi to the ZWave binding database. I’m sorry to trouble you with this again, but I got two more ZWave devices made by Lumi that aren’t recognized by the ZWave binding.

Unfortunately I don’t have programing experience so I don’t know how to properly add them to the database.

Can you please help me add them to the ZWave binding device database so OpenHAB can recognize and control them?

Here are the two node xml files for both devices.
network_dbe4ff29__node_9.xml (14.2 KB)
network_dbe4ff29__node_13.xml (8.6 KB)

Node 9 is for a Lumi wall switch that controls 2 window blinds (each blind has 1 up and 1 down buttons)

And node 13 should be a 1 button wall switch.

Do you have links to pdf copies of the manuals, preferably in English?


Read and proceed from there.

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Last time we added the Lumi Switches to the database, we used these manuals.

I added both ZWave devices to the Device List on @chris website.
I hope I did it correctly. There are information bits I didn’t know how to fill, so it’s best someone else reviews what I did.
Thank you.

Here are links to the two devices I added:



Hi Miki,
It looks fine - I’ll probably do a binding update tonight so you’ll then need to use the latest 2.5.x snapshot.



If the manual is correct, shouldn’t there be at least association groups? There are no configuration parameters either.

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Thank you very much :pray::pray:

@chris @Bruce_Osborne

After installing the new ZWave Binding snapshot, do I need to delete and re-add all my ZWave things, or just the things that were showing as Unknown Device?

You can either do all things except the controller or just the unknown ones. I would likely do just the unknown ones.

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Thanks :pray:

Am I correct to understand from this link that the updated binding was not pushed yet to the snapshot?

This is just someone elses database repository. It would never be merged into the main repository as database updates need to be done through the database editor.

Note that I’ve only just merged the latest database, so the build won’t be done for a few hours yet.

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I thought that repo was the target of your database export used by the binding. Am I mistaken?

Me too :sunglasses:

Sorry - you’re right. I misread this and thought it was a separate repo.

Since this is the main openhab repo, everything seen here is already included in the binding. Just be careful in future though as the master is not currently being updated as that is now OH3 and my updates are currently supporting OH 2.5 only.

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So my update to snapshot 3.0.0 was a bad idea :joy:
As currently I am not buying any new zwave devices it should be okay, though. :grinning:

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For now I’ve made the decision to support 2.5.x rather than 3.0. Supporting two systems is problematic and time consuming. Currently the OH3.0 build isn’t even working, so any updates are not being built.

Until OH3.0 has some direction, and stability, I intend to continue to support the current bindings.

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Are their 2 snapshot trains now? I think I saw somebody mention a 2.5 snapshot that was after the stable release.

Hi Friends,
I see a ZWave Binding update has happened for the items listed under Hogar, but I still see only 4 items.
Were the new items added to the 4 items that were already on this list?
If I update the ZWave binding to the newest Snapshot, will OpenHAB recognize the two new Lumi switches we added?

@chris @Bruce_Osborne @5iver

Hi guys,

I’m trying to update the ZWave binding using @5iver’s script to the new snapshot @chris created.
However, the script shows the update process will install the openHAB snapshot 3.0.0 and @chris specifically mentioned not to install the 3.0.0 snapshot.
(plese see atttached screenshot of the update message).

Does this mean I can’t use @5iver’s script to update the ZWave binding’s snapshot version?